Photo by Nora Lorek

Photo by Nora Lorek


"Photography to me is a way to express compassion and the responsibility that I feel for humanity."

Clément´s considers his work to meet between documentary and photojournalism with a strong focus on humanity. While showing social issues that are affecting our society today, his images are emotionally driven by telling people´s stories through his experience with them. Currently working on diverse photo documentary primarily based on refugees & immigration issues, all of his current projects are personally chosen and funded. All finished projects are intended for publications and exhibitions.

Although photographing injustices is not enough for Clément. This may help to spread awareness, put pressure on political decisions and taking an action towards the overall humanitarian cause but most of the time it does not help to provide or to assist with direct basic individual needs. As the photographer gets involved and creates relationship with most of the people he photographs, he wants to help them with their situation. Please check behind the photos for fundraising support.


1983: Born in France, Soissons (Aisne)

1998 : Leaves France with family to go live in the United States (in the north of New York State).

2003 : Discovery of photography while studying drawing & commercial art.

2004 : First Exhibition of black & white photography in Poughkeepsie NY. An article is published about the photographs in the local art magazine (PULSE) entitled « a photographic eye ».

2005 : Admitted at the Fashion Institue of Technology in New York City to study the two year photography program.

2007 : Graduates from FIT and receives the two year photography diploma. Starts to freelance as a fashion photographer for New York magazines and fashion designers.

2008 : Moves to Berlin. Creates a collective of photographers (Crisis Berlin). Meets Felicia Bolm who is also a photographer and becomes best friends.

2009 : Goes back to NYC for commercial photography and magazine work.

2010 : Moves to Paris. Still life fashion photographer for les galeries lafayette for the next year and a half.

2011 : Survives from a building fire on the 14th of April 2011 in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Best friend Swedish photographer Felicia Bolm loses her life in this tragedy. Due to this tragedy stops all commercial work and dedicates full time to his personal work. Full time investment in humanistic documentary & creating a retrospective exhibitions of Felicia Bolm´s photography work.

2013 : Exhibition in Paris Ménilmontant “Timeless Moments”- 15 images were shown that were taken in the street of paris for a period of two years.

2014 : Documents the Palestinian hunger strike in Göteborg, Sweden for 4 months. Following an exhibition in Göteborg at Frilagret “ For the hope of a free life”- 20 photographs were shown which shared & told the story of forty Palestinian men hunger striking to obtain their refugee right to stay in Sweden. Publishes stories in the newspaper Göteborg Fria about Romanian people coming to Sweden-

2015 : Exhibition in Chauny Picardie, France “ Chauny: Une ville de France”- 16 photographs were shown concerning the delocalisation of factory work and the economic crisis affecting the region and its people. Made a first part documentary about Calais and its migrants living in the jungle. Part of the collective exhibition " Art in the Jungle" in Calais during December 2015.

2016 : Continued on documenting the evolution of the Calais Jungle while being a member of the organization "Art in the Jungle". Documented refugees stranded in Greece. Spent one month in New York making a photo story about the church and other facilities which supports the poor communities around New York State. Made a photo documentary about internally Displaced People of Donetsk in Berdyans´k, Ukraine.

Group Photo Exhibition-"Art in the Junlge" in Lille & Romainville, France- March & April 2016.

Photo Exhibition- The Unwanted in Poughkeepie NY- March 2016-31 photographs were exhibited showing the humanitarian crisis conerning the refugees in Europe.

Photo Exhibition- "Welcome to the Junlge"-Centre Villiot, Paris-December 2016.

Recently: Came back from The Gambia post the new democracy being installed by new elected president Adama Barrow two months ago after living more than 22 years of dictatorship under the past president Jammeh. documented the life of a young man Abdou Manjang & the poor community of Freetown in Gunjur Combo South who struggles to educate children in their village.

Photo Exhibition-"L´humanité perdue et retrouvée dans la Jungle de Calais"-Reims, France-March & April 2017.