Photo by Nora Lorek

Photo by Nora Lorek

"Photography to me is a way to express compassion and the responsibility that I feel for humanity."

Clément´s considers his work to meet between documentary and photojournalism with a strong focus on humanity. While showing social issues that are affecting our society today, his images are emotionally driven by telling people´s stories through his experience with them. Currently working on diverse photo documentaries based on refugees, immigration issues as well as the effect of war & poverty. All of his current projects have been from the ground up, personally chosen and funded with minimum support. All finished projects are intended for publications, exhibitions and for humanitarian NGOs in reaching further awareness to donors and the general public.

Although photographing injustices is not enough for Clément. This may help to spread awareness and taking an action towards the overall humanitarian cause but most of the time it does not help to provide or to assist with direct basic individual needs on the spot. As the photographer gets involved and creates relationship with most of the people he photographs, he wants to help personally with their situation. Please check behind the photos for fundraising support.

Background info:

Born in France, March 18th 1983.

Studied photography at The Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC.

Currently based between France & Sweden. 

So far have covered stories in Sweden, Calais France, New York, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, The Gambia & Cambodia.

So far have have contributed photos & stories to FRIA Tidningar, ETC weekend Magazine & Politico Europe.

Past photo exhibitions:

 Photo Exhibition - “ For the hope of a free life” - Frilaget, Göteborg, Sweden, December 2014 - 20 photographs were shown which shared & told the story of forty Palestinian men hunger striking to obtain their refugee right to stay in Sweden.

Group Photo Exhibition - "Art in the Jungle" - Lille & Romainville, France, March & April 2016.

Photo Exhibition - The Unwanted - Poughkeepie, NY, March 2016 - 31 photographs were exhibited showing the humanitarian crisis concerning the refugees in Europe.

Photo Exhibition - "Welcome to the Jungle", Centre Villiot, Paris, December 2016.

Photo Exhibition-"L´humanité perdue et retrouvée dans la Jungle de Calais"- Reims, France, March & April 2017.

Photo Exhibition - Abdou´s Life in The New Gambia - Poughkeepie, NY, May 2017.

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